Global Artificial Intelligence Journalism Index Questionnaire

This questionnaire aims to find out what AI tools your media organization uses and who uses them. Organizations will be ranked according to various criteria.

The index will be compiled by the Artificial Intelligence Journalism Research and Forecasting, based in Dubai.

Please return by email at  (


1. What kind of artificial intelligence (AI) tools are you using to create content or media production?
2. How many news stories, videos, articles or other media content are you producing regularly with AI tools?
3. Can you please tell us what AI tools your organization uses?
4. How often does your organization use these tools?
5. How many journalists or media people are using AI tools or solutions in your media organization?
6. How long does it take to train people to use these AI tools? (if at all).
7. How much has your organization invested in AI tools? (Please give a yearly figure, if possible).
8. How does your organization develop and upgrade the AI Journalism technologies, especially when they have been integrated into the work environment? 9- Do you have any kind of experience in crating content in the Metaverse?
Yes, please give a brief about what kind of content u had crated?
No, why do you have not try that?